Illustrations and communication icons

This guideline explains how illustrations and communication icons are designed and should be used across all brands of Hager Group. It will help you to use and adapt directly different type of illustrations or communication icons provided, for all master brands, as well as explaining how you can create new icons if necessary. Additional development should remain an exception and is to be coordinated with Corporate Communications team.
The examples shown apply to all brands, which is why the basic elements need to be adapted, in particular logos and brand colours. Please refer to the mini guidelines relative to each brand concerning colour adaptations.

December 2017: consolidated icon styles

This section has been updated and the icon guideline is now part of the illustrations and communication icons guideline.
About the icons, together with Corporate Design, a new icon system has been developed for communication icons and technical icons used on products and applications. It seeks to unify the style of all Communications Icons needed by Hager Group, be they for industrial or marketing departments.
The ambition is to be playful as well as comprehensible, and homogeneous yet diversified, to embody a strong identity and respond to the highest technical constraints Hager Group faces through the variety of its communication supports: print, low and high definition screens, product marking, etc.
What is new?
- A pixel-driven approach.
- Improved optical stability.
- 3 graphical representation modes.
- Pixel artboard area and line thickness adapted for very low definition.
What remains the same?
- Bicolour principle when icons are used in the context of communication.
- Creation and validation process.

What are Communication Icons?

A set of Communication Icons which evolves & expands, covers general business issues at Hager Group. The icons share a bold, consistent and identity driven graphic design. This icon set insures coherence across the range of Hager Group Brands.

How to browse the collection and use the icons directly

Download the 'Overview' in pdf and the existing 'Comm Icons Set', then browse the icons overview, and use the EPS/PNG native files. Always try to use the existing icons instead of requesting new ones. Please focus on the icons rather than on the notions they relate to. The aim is to avoid creating additional with similar meanings.

Case of missing icons

In this exceptional case, new icons could be designed. For this, the specific process and fine tuning section of the User’s Guide document will detail precisely how to proceed. Use the ‘Comm Icons Design toolkit’ and follow the procedure. Corporate Communication always validates any new creations and will consolidate them into the icon set.

Colour adaption issue

As you will notice, all the icons are set up with Hager Group colours. For dealing with other brands, you should adapt them with colour palette you will find in the ‘Design Toolkit’. It details precisely which colours are to be used.

Video tutorials to help you understand the creation process

Among the documents you can download, you’ll find 4 short videos showing graphic designer’s screen whilst working on communication icons. These videos are useful tools to help you understand the different steps to create communication icons.