Image styling / Wording

These guidelines explain how to apply Hager Group image styling and corporate wording across all Hager Group brands.

Image styling

Hager image styling specifies principles applicable to all Hager Group master brands, but the selection of specific images will depend on the subject matter, target audiences and purpose of the specific communication.

Most of the images presented here are examples out of several shootings managed recently by Hager and applying the new image styling. These images could be used for your communication after check of the rights & restrictions on the PIC Lifestyle Picture library.

Corporate Wording

Our corporate wording guidelines describe a basic approach applicable to all Hager Group master brands in every country. However, there will be details that are country-specific and differences dictated by the different languages being used.

Corporate wording guides how Hager Group brands communicate with its stakeholders. It is the individual voice of the brand. Our corporate wording guidelines are practical, simple and succinct to ensure that they can be accepted, understood and applied correctly throughout the organisation.

Languages available :
- German
- English
- French
- Italian
- Netherlander
- Portuguese
- Spanish