Instructions for use

This special combination of corporate colours contributes to the unmistakable recognition of Hager Services and Hager Services Professionnels brands.

Defined colours cannot be changed (no lightening or darkening).
No other colours may be used.
Please use the correct colour scale for different applications:

CMYK colours- For 4 colors printing
- Expressed in rates of cyan, magenta, yellow, and black.
- Appropriate for digital and offset printing in any kind of related sub-technique.

Pantone colours- For direct tone colour printing.
- With a nominative naming system defined by Pantone incorporation.
- Limited usage, only to be done by specialists.

RGB and HEX (hexadecimal) colours- For any kind of document viewable on a screen.
- In the following rates of red, green, blue (RGB).
- In hexadecimal, with a nominative naming system related to a specific RGB colour.

RAL colours- For printing / marking / painting on buildings, materials, objects.
- With a nominative colour naming system, the RAL Design one in our case.